2002 ReciproCity/RéciproCité Collective Improvisation

An experiment in simultaneous performance (inter)activities featuring members of the collective. The ReciproCity/RéciproCité collective began as an invited collaboration of artists from Vancouver, Montréal and Toronto interested in site-specific performance actions. Since presenting initial projects in Montréal and Toronto (2001), the group continues to explore formats for collaboration while responding to the elements of time, space, experience and relationship that unite and separate us.

The ReciproCity/RéciproCité Collective includes Shannon COCHRANE, Paul COUILLARD, Margaret DRAGU, Tagny DUFF, Kirsten FORKERT, Benjamin MUON, SONGS OF THE NEW EROTICS, Victoria STANTON, and Josée TREMBLAY).

Saturday November 9 8 pm
Art System
327 Spadina Ave,, 2nd floor
(north of Dundas St W, east side)

An event of the 4th 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art

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