FORKERT, Kirsten (see also CONLIN, Peter & FORKERT, Kirsten)


Kirsten Forkert & participants, Together We ReciproCity/RéciproCité Toronto 2001 PHOTO Andrew Pommier

Wednesday October 31 6:33 am (sunrise) – 10:30 pm
Elle Corazon | 176, rue Bernard Ouest, Montréal

ReciproCity/ RéciproCité Montréal round table discussion
Thursday November 1 12 pm – 5 pm
L’ancien Copie-Art | 813, rue Ontario

Organized by Josée Tremblay as part of ReciproCity/RéciproCité Montréal
Sponsored by Studio 303

Together We
Saturday November 3 12 pm – 12 am
Gladstone Hotel | 1214 Queen Street West

ReciproCity/RéciproCité Toronto round table discussion
Sunday November 4 1 pm

Organized by Paul Couillard as part of ReciproCity/RéciproCité Toronto

Kirsten Forkert is a Vancouver based artist working in installation, performance and text. Her work, which is often site-specific, focuses on questions of commonalty, especially alternate ways of conceiving of this. This summer, she presented Entre nous deux…, an installation/performance for a Montreal movie theatre. She recently presented Implicate, an installation in a Vancouver storefront dealing with gentrification and how we situate ourselves in relation to urban space. Kirsten has a BFA from NSCAD and an MFA in interdisciplinary studies from Simon Fraser University. She has taught at Simon Fraser University and University of Victoria, and is currently teaching at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Upcoming projects include a public art project in collaboration with Peter Conlin, and a series of performances involving direct interactions with individuals.

Kirsten Forkert, Together We ReciproCity/RéciproCité Toronto 2001

ReciproCity/RéciproCité Montréal round table discussion, L’ancien Copie-Art 2001

ReciproCity/RéciproCité Toronto round table discussion (part 1), Gladstone Hotel 2001

ReciproCity/RéciproCité Toronto round table discussion (part 2), Gladstone Hotel 2001

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