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2024 • 7a*mgr8 [migrate]
the plumb poster of Andrew J. Paterson's retrospective exhibition Never Enough Night, running April 26 - May 26
2024 • Co-presentation: Andrew James Paterson's Pate's Salt Carp
Jackson 2bears and Janet Rogers of 2Ro Media perform Medicine Shadow at the 7a*11d festival.
2022 • 13th 7a*11d Festival
2019 • KinesTHESES
Ayumi Goto & Peter Morin performing Roaming at the Theatre Centre
2018 • 12th 7a*11d Festival
7a*md8 (Mediate)
2017 • 7a*md8
Doyon/Demers performing Avant Niagara Falls at Geary Lane
2016 • 11th 7a*11d Festival
Terrance Houle performing at Artscape Youngplace
2014 • 10th 7a*11d Festival
Anna Kalwajtys performing on Bloor Street
2012 • 9th 7a*11d Festival
Robin Brass performing ‘Mi Imā Ēhkosit’ at XPACE.
2010 • 8th 7a*11d Festival
Hot Docs Co-presentation: A Crime Against Art
2008 • Film Co-presentation: A Crime Against Art
Lip Sync Smack Down poster
2008 • “Finally the Name Pays Off!" Lip Sync Smack Down
Norbert KLASSEN performing The Art of Marking Art at XPACE Cultural Centre
2008 • 7th 7a*11d Festival
installation shot from Glyn Davies-Marshall's Somewhere Between Wakefield and Wichita
2006 • 6th 7a*11d Festival
Over My Dead Body Lipsunc Smack Down Event Postcard Front
2006 • "Over My Dead Body" Lip Sync SmackDown
A candid photograph of the audience at XPACE chatting between performances at the 2004 7a*11d festival
2004 • 5th 7a*11d Festival
7a*11d presents The Governer General's Left Ball Thursday July 29, The Gladstone Hotel
2004 • "The Governor General's Left Ball: Goodbye George!" Lip Sync Smack Down
Tehching Hsieh
4th 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
2002 • 4th 7a*11d Festival
Shannon Cochrane performing Serenade in 62 at ReciproCity/RéciproCité Toronto
2001 • ReciproCity/ RéciproCité
Ben Patterson
2000 • 3rd 7a*11d Festival
Anna Banana performing Interventionism at A Space Gallery
1998 • 2nd 7a*11d Festival
Koren Bellman performing at Sediment | Trinity Bellwoods
1997 • 1st 7a*11d Festival

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