1997 Prognosis

Prognosis uses Symptom Hall’s upstairs and downstairs main spaces as flexible, changeable environments to accommodate a wide variety of work. A total of nine pieces will presented over a three-day period, using video, film, live sound, movement-based work, food and more in conjunction with performance elements. Six of these works will be presented as part of the Teratoid Cabaret, a multimedia extravaganza that will take move throughout the spaces. Rather than establishing a single stage, the cabaret will provoke a non-aggressive interaction between performers and audience as locations shift for each work, with pieces working their way through, among and around the audience. Toronto-based artists Eric Aurandt and Hal Niedzviecki, Rebecca Belmore, Terril-Lee W. Calder-Fujii, Andrew J. Paterson and Songs of the New Erotics will present shorter works upstairs, while the endurance work Pound and Scrub by Madison WI-based artists Joseph Connelly and Jason Lee takes place before, during and after the cabaret in the downstairs space.

In addition to the Teratoid Cabaret, longer works by Jinhan Ko, Louise Liliefeldt and an Ottawa media collective featuring Tim Dallett, Kenneth Emig, John Lauder, Emmanuel Madan, Thomas McIntosh and Phil Rose will round out the Prognosis program.

@ Symptom Hall | 160 Claremont St (just south of Dundas St W, west of Bathurst St)

A program of the 1st 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
Curated by Johanna HOUSEHOLDER, Louise LILIEFELDT, Derek MOHAMED & Tracy Renée STAFFORD

Friday August 8 2 pm – 4 pm (and spontaneously at various other times and locations throughout the festival)
Jinhan KO
Jin’s Banana House

Friday August 8 8 pm
Teratoid Cabaret

Andrew James PATERSON
Performance: A Performance

The Anti-Child of Recordist Performance and a Lighted Cavern

Pigs on Parade

This Door Down

Rebecca BEMORE
For Dudley

Joseph CONNELLY & Jason LEE
Pound and Scrub

Saturday August 9 2 pm – 4 pm

Sunday August 10 4 pm – 8 pm
Tim DALLETT, Kenneth EMIG, John LAUNDER, Emmanuel MADAN, Thomas MACINTOSH and Phil ROSE
dredge city

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