1998 Field Trips

Field Trips offers works that poetically slip themselves into the cityscape to blur the conventional distinction between beholder and beheld, creator and created.  The clever beauty of these works is their ability to blend into the eye and mind of a public audience without forcing the viewers into the role of unwilling participants or antagonists of the artist who wishes to bring performance art to the street.  For the audience to experience these works, all they need is the willingness to play along and become one of the creators. Field Trips offers a series of flexibly scheduled public interventions with a double context; those ‘in the know’, who follow the festival schedule, will be able to find and view the effects of these works; while a larger audience, the unsuspecting public, will come upon them by chance.

A program of the the 2nd 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
Curated by Shannon COCHRANE and Paul COUILLARD

Anna BANANA (Sechelt BC)
Bananas in Distress: Research Project No. 2
Thursday August 20 4 pm
corner of King St W & Bay St
Friday August 21 4 pm
corner of Queen St W & Spadina Ave
Saturday August 22 4 pm
corner of Yonge St & Bloor St

Marlene MADISON PLIMLEY (Vancouver BC)
Chiclette, the Posh Urban Piglet
Saturday August 22 12 pm
beginning from the corner of Queen St W & John St (outside CityTV Speaker’s Corner)

Mark RODGERS (Coventry UK)
Friday October 30 to Sunday November 1
Various times and locations (check hotline for details)

Ed JOHNSON (Toronto)
Saturday October 31 1 pm
Lake Ontario breakwater east of the Sunnyside pavilion

men of the world (Mark Alice DURANT [Syracuse USA] and Mathew WILSON [Chicago USA])
Saturday October 31 2 pm
fountain at University Ave & Queen St W

men of the world
untitled group action
Sunday November 1 12 pm
Union Station

Andrew J. PATERSON (Toronto)
Symptoms of Whatever
Thursday November 5 4 pm
Friday November 6 6 pm
Saturday November 7 3 pm
Zsa Zsa, 962 Queen St W (storefront window)

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