1998 Hybrids

This program focuses on content-driven work that deals with contemporary social, political and ethical issues. We are well aware of the challenging and often loaded dialogue in art and criticism on issues such as neocolonialism, cultural appropriation, equality of representation, and unstable, pluralistic notions of identity. This is a confusing, dangerous terrain that has revealed some of our (collective) best and worst impulses. Even as we all tire of various aspects of political correctness, we still face the need to further challenge internalized and external ‘isms’ and develop better understandings of who we are in relation to ourselves and the people and world around us. Cultures do not exist in isolation; historical, social and political pressures work from within and without to move or blur real or imagined borderlines.

A program of the the 2nd 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
Curated by Johanna HOUSEHOLDER and Louise LILIEFELDT

Terril-Lee W. CALDER (Toronto)
The Suckling
Thursday August 20 8 pm
87 Wade Ave, 3rd floor

William POPE.L (Maine, USA)
Friday August 21 8 pm
The Music Gallery, 179 Richmond St W

Thursday October 29 8 pm
87 Wade Ave, 3rd floor

Los MIXIQUES (Domingo NUÑO [San Francisco USA] & Julio MORALES [New York City, USA] with BLAISE [USA])
Fotos 5.0 The Planet of Los Burros
Sunday November 1 8 pm
87 Wade Ave, 3rd floor

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