MIXIQUES, Los (NUÑO, Domingo & MORALES, Julio with BLAISE)


Los Mixiques, Fotos 5.0 The Planet of Los Burros 7a*11d 1998 PHOTO Blaise

Fotos 5.0 The Planet of Los Burros
Sunday November 1 8 pm
87 Wade Ave, 3rd floor

Curated by Johanna Householder and Louise Liliefeldt as part of Hybrids

These US art interventionists create work that comes out of their personal histories as Hispanic. Their work blends intimate, one-on-one contact with audience members and a use of strong visual installation elements to enforce their message. Morales and Nuño are best known for their interventions as coyote/border guards, controlling access to performance venues by guiding audience members on circuitous journeys with an air of trial, illicitness and arbitrarily controlled access before they are allowed to reach the performance venues that will feature other artists.

Los Mixiques (Domingo Nuño & Julio Morales with Blaise), Fotos 5.0 The Planet of Los Burros 7a*11d 1998

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