Chun Hua Catherine Dong performing The Arrival at Geary Lane

Chun Hua Catherine Dong

By Michelle Lacombe The Arrival A row of red origami boats float above a long table covered in a bank of salt and more carefully lined up paper boats. The set up is simple, beautiful ...
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Silvio de Gracia performing Les Daré Lo Que Quieren (I will give them what they want) at Geary Lane

Silvio De Gracia

By Michelle Lacombe Les Daré Lo Que Quieren ( I will give them what they want) I will preface this post by clearly stating that I have a really difficult time with what I consider ...
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Doyon/Demers performing Avant Niagara Falls at Geary Lane


By Jessica Karuhanga Avant Niagara Falls We return to our seats to witness Avant Niagara Falls. This enactment is part one of two symbiotic gestures of a vision. The companion performance, Après Niagara Falls, will ...
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Vanessa Dion Fletcher performing #MenstrualAccessory at Geary Lane

Vanessa Dion Fletcher

By Jessica Karuhanga #MenstrualAccessory Rose, magenta, coral, gold and yellow. These are the hues you may potentially use to embellish and enjoy the stains left as remains from bodies performing their menstrual cycle. Vanessa Dion ...
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Bartolomé Ferrando performing Sound performance with newspaper | Sound performance with little objects at Geary Lane

Bartolomé Ferrando

By Jessica Karuhanga Sound performance with newspaper Sound performance with little objects Bartolomé Ferrando tells us he is is going to perform four pieces. He needs our help for the first piece. He hands out ...
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Ben Patterson performing The Creation of the World at Art System

In Memoriam: Ben Patterson

By Paul Couillard Ben Patterson | May 29, 1934 - June 25, 2016 Ben Patterson's appearance in the third 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art in 2002 was a momentous occasion, one that prompted the ...
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Aiyyana Maracle

In Memoriam: Aiyyana Maracle

By Paul Couillard Aiyyana Maracle | November 25, 1950 — April 24, 2016 Aiyyana Maracle was a fierce soul with a gentle but powerful voice. In "A Journey in Gender," an article published in torquere,[1] ...
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Rachel Rosenthal

In Memoriam: Rachel Rosenthal

By Paul Couillard Rachel Rosenthal | November 9, 1926 – May 10, 2015 Going to see Rachel Rosenthal's Gaia, Mon Amour in Ottawa in 1984 changed my life, prompting me to become both an artist ...
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Frank Green

In Memoriam: Frank Green

By Paul Couillard Frank Green | July 28, 1957 - January 23, 2013 Frank Green—activist, writer, arts critic and performance artist—died in 2013 at the age of 55. Online obituaries pointedly identify the cause of ...
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Visitors looking at the displays at 7a*11d's 2016 Publications and Multiples launch

2016 Publications and Multiples Launch

Publications and Multiples Launch Sunday October 16 2:30 pm OCAD U | 100 McCaul St Room 264 ...
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