Serena Lee perfroming at Artscape Youngplace

Serena Lee: Re-Tuning Cartography

By Alison Cooley Serena Lee begins Layers Channels Paths History by dividing the audience into sections of green, brown and "nothing." The unexplained designation recalls Jane Elliot's "Blue Eyes Brown Eyes Exercise," sets a political ...
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Fausto Mendez Luna performing at Artscape Youngplace

An edible experiment: Fausto Méndez Luna’s generosity and symbolic etiquette

By Jenn Snider There is a strong tradition of using the preparation and service of food in art as a method of connecting and enacting the power of social ritual and politics (think, for example ...
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Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro performing at Artscape Youngplace

Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro: History’s Yearning

By Alison Cooley I can hear a whip. I'm unsure if it's against the floor, or against a body, but I hear guttural reactions to it from outside the studio. When I first enter Nathalie ...
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Berenicci Hershorn performing at Artscape Youngplace

Berenicci Hershorn is watching time

By Jenn Snider Éminence Grise Pulling back the grey curtain I step into the viewing area and find I am just a few feet away from her. Tucked into a small closet separated from the ...
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Christian Bujold performing on Queen Street West

When performing private architectures, he prefers to linger, but not too long

By Jenn Snider I’m looking for Christian Bujold. It’s after 3 pm, and he’s scheduled to be performing but I can’t find him anywhere. Popping my head into rooms and looking down hallways, I turn ...
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Didier Morelli perfroming at Artscape Youngplace

Blowing away the smoke and smashing the mirrors: troubling the trickery of capital H-history

By Jenn Snider When I enter the performance space, Didier Morelli is climbing the wall, rubbing the blackboard with his face. Morelli: “John. John. You didn’t leave me a dry eraser. I’m having to use ...
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Performance Art Bingo by Alison Cooley


By Alison Cooley As we enter the final day of the festival (and Jenn and I scramble to document the works we've seen in the past day), I wanted to share my BINGO process. We ...
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Ali Al-Fatlawi and Wathiq Al-Ameri performing at Artscape Youngplace

Small Signals for New Poetries

By Alison Cooley I have lost my notes detailing the gathering of small gestures which make up Vanishing Borders, a performance by Switzerland-based Iraqi artists Ali Al-Fatlawi and Wathiq Al-Ameri. I cannot sketch out the ...
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Drawing by Alison Cooley in response to claude wittmann's Radio Equals

Dispatch IV from Radio Equals

By Alison Cooley claude wittmann’s performance, Radio Equals, has been recurring daily at 3 pm, and was broadcast on 93.1 fm. The preceding is a short dispatch in response to today’s final session. wittmann's final ...
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Francesca Fini performing at Artscape Youngplace

She Was Just Like You

By Alison Cooley Francesca Fini's performance space is a theatrical set. Her props and environment impeccably arranged, dramatically lit. Red, white and pinkare the scene's characteristic colours. There is a bandaged white face on a ...
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