Doyon/Demers performing Après Niagara Falls at Geary Lane


Après Niagara Falls By Michelle Lacombe DOYON/DEMERS (Hélène Doyon and Jean-Pierre Demers), Après Niagara Falls 7a*11d 2016 PHOTO Henry Chan The first time I saw Doyon/Demers perform was only a few years ago. I was ...
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Cindy Baker performing Crash Pad at OCAD U Anniversary Gallery

Cindy Baker

By Michelle Lacombe Crash Pad Cindy Baker has been occupying OCAD University’s Anniversary Gallery for three days. The space itself is a small glass room with a carpeted floor inside a slightly larger room with ...
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Johannes Zits performing Body Traps at Geary Lane

Johannes Zits

By Michelle Lacombe Body Traps All week Johannes Zits has been crafting his performance object at the Theatre Center café. His presence is casual and welcoming and because I return to the site almost daily ...
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Louise Liliefeldt performing What Does It Mean to Forget at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Louise Liliefeldt

By Michelle Lacombe What Does it Mean to Forget? Louise Liliefeldt, What Does It Mean to Forget Art Gallery of Ontario 2016 PHOTO Ian Lefebreve ©Art Gallery of Ontario Despite the countless talks and panels ...
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Mikiki performing NSA at Geary Lane


NSA By Michelle Lacombe Mikiki, NSA 7a*11d 2016 PHOTO Henry Chan Mikiki’s work is difficult and demanding for its audience. It is the kind of performance that challenges visibility, being as much about how your ...
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Elizabeth Chitty performing Daylighting Walks

Elizabeth Chitty

By Michelle Lacombe Daylighting Walks Despite actually arriving early, the first time I attend Elizabeth Chitty’s Daylighting Walks I manage to miss the introduction, which frames the action for participants. Consequently, I do not participate ...
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Sue Murad performing Brush, Paper, Scissors at Geary Lane

Sue Murad (with Vera Koshkina)

By Michelle Lacombe Brush, Paper, Scissors I totally love to see a performance and, as I watch it, to realize that I have seen this artist’s work before. This happened with Sue Murad, who I ...
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Jessica Karuhanga and Michelle Lacombe performing on Verb Frau TV with Margaret Dragu

Margaret Dragu

By Jessica Karuhanga VERB FRAU TV Season 5: 7a*11d VERB FRAU TV Season 5: Episode 9 (pre)rolling and (w)rapping, 7a*11d 2016 VIDEO STILL I have just returned from the kitchen with Michelle. We were guests ...
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Adrian Stimson performing 150 Blows at OCAD U Graduate Gallery

Adrian Stimson

By Jessica Karuhanga 150 Blows On a Saturday afternoon I arrive in a corridor shaped like a waiting room for a spa or treatment centre. An assistant greets me at a desk and asks if ...
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Francesco Gagliardi performing Some Reconstructions at Geary Lane

Francesco Gagliardi

By Jessica Karuhanga Some Reconstructions The room is book-ended by two boards on wheels. Stacks of vertically placed card-stock lean against these dividers. These piles are organized by colour or shade. Their surfaces are black, ...
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