7a*md8 On Line artist interviews

As part of our On Line social media residency project, each of the artists who participated was asked to provide answers to a series of interview questions:

1. Tell us about your practice in general and how it intersects with social media.
2. How did you come to use social media as a platform for artistic production?
3. How do you think the idea of performance gets activated by online interaction and social media?
How are you performing when you use the medium in your practice?
4. Who do you see as your audience when you create using online social platforms? Are there
particular interactions that are memorable or that have had a significant impact in your practice?

A compilation video featuring all of the artists’ responses can be found below. Individual responses are also accessible from each artist’s information page (follow the links below).

Natasha Bailey
Kiera Boult
Yolanda Duarte
Bishara Elmi
Nad├Ęge Grebmeier Forget
Jessica Karuhanga
sab meynert
Mohammad Rezaei
jes sachse
Syrus Marcus Ware

7a*md8 On Line artist interviews; project made possible with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council

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