Jessica Karuhanga

Sunday October 29
to Saturday November 4
featured on Instagram #7amd8

During my residency I will enact a series of movements. howyoufeel will explore touch through virtual filters, zooms and mediations. How are you moved when I move? Do I leave a mark? Is the response lodged in the exhale of your gaze? Does it feel the same when I am touching me vs. you touching me? I am invested in these platforms as a locus or moment of connection. This series is a loose eyelash is hot breath impressed upon cold glass.

Jessica Karuhanga is an artist based in Toronto, Canada. She has presented her work at Trinity Square Video, Art Gallery of Ontario, Videofag and Goldsmiths (London, UK). She has lectured for The Power Plant, Royal Ontario Museum and Tisch School of the Arts at NYU’s Black Portraitures Series. She has written for BlackFlash and C magazines. She holds degrees from Western University and University of Victoria.

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Critical review Residencies of Resistance, or, Performatively Flexing for the ‘Gram by Delilah Rosier


Jessica Karuhanga interview

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