Serge Olivier Fokoua performing To dare is to do at Geary Lane

Serge Olivier Fokoua

By Jessica Karuhanga To dare is to do Serge Olivier Fokoua has stated the objects he uses in his performances are diverted from their original context to achieve the effect of collision. After witnessing his ...
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Annie Onyi Cheung performing How I can—well-enough (or showing my work) at Geary Lane

Annie Onyi Cheung

By Jessica Karuhanga How I can—well-enough (or showing my work) Annie Onyi Cheung, How I can—well-enough (or showing my work) 7a*11d 2016 PHOTO Henry Chan Every. Every time. Time. Overtime. Overtime I plan. Overtime I ...
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Kevin McKenzie performing The Nihilist at Geary Lane

Kevin McKenzie

By Michelle Lacombe The Nihilist Please play while you read. Like many of the other performances, before Kevin McKenzie enters the space, a stage (for lack of a better word) is set. Most prominent is ...
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Selma Selman video performance at Geary Lane

Selma Selman

By Michelle Lacombe Untitled We are told that Selma Selman, a young Roma artist currently attending university in the USA, is not at the festival. She was denied a travel visa from the Canadian government ...
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Kate Barry performing Justice (After Margaret Dragu) at Geary Lane

Kate Barry

By Jessica Karuhanga Justice (After Margaret Dragu) Kate Barry’s Justice (After Margaret Dragu) is imbued with symbolism. Barry, maintaining a direct meandering gaze, leads us through a cycle of potent gestures. Her gaze is defiant ...
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Brianna MacLellan performing Abandon the chicken but continue to dance at Geary Lane

Brianna MacLellan

By Jessica Karuhanga Abandon the chicken but continue to dance Brianna MacLellan enters the stage. She is wearing a black blouse, black pants, slicked back hair and she is soaking wet in red heels. Her ...
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Randy Lee Cutler performing SaltWalks: Two Movements in Toronto's Chinatown

Randy Lee Cutler

By Jessica Karuhanga SaltWalks: Two Movements IMAGES by Henry Chan A few memories of salt. There is an image taken by my sister of my uncle’s hand holding salt from a mine in Uganda. All ...
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Graciela Ovejero Postigo performing compelled to the unanswerable / before language there was the earth at Geary Lane

Graciela Ovejero Postigo

By Jessica Karuhanga compelled to the unanswerable / before language there was the earth IMAGES by Henry Chan Graciela Ovejero Postigo poetically describes her work as a departure from the “in-betweens and peripheries”. As a ...
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Tanja Ostojić performing Misplaced Women? at the corner of Dundas St W & McCaul

Tanja Ostojić

By Michelle Lacombe Misplaced Women? When I arrive at Dundas and McCaul Street, a public has already gathered, creating semi circle around a woman who is holding a sign on which “MISPLACED WOMEN?” is hand-written ...
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Joseph Ravens performs s c r a t c h at Geary Lane

Joseph Ravens

By Michelle Lacombe s c r a t c h Earlier today I watched a video of a chameleon hatching. This curious bodily thing in someone’s hand writhing in a soft shell until it emerged ...
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