lo bil performing at Artscape Youngplace

Narrative engagement and the process of mattering

By Jenn Snider and Alison Cooley lo bil, The Clearing 7a*11d 2014 PHOTO Henry Chan To cap off the 2014 Festival Blog, Alison Cooley proposed that she and I (Jenn Snider) have a conversation about ...
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Roberto de la Torre performing at Artscape Youngplace

For the Disappeared

By Jenn Snider On the last day of the festival, November 2nd, 2014, Roberto de la Torre opened the final set of performances. It is safe to assume that most who gathered that chilly late ...
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Maria Hupfield performing at Artscape Youngplace

Maria Hupfield: While you were away

By Jenn Snider Back in 2012, Maria Hupfield performed Fixed Time as part of the 9th annual 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art. In that piece, Hupfield used her body as means to confront the ...
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Linda Rae Dornan performing at Artscape Youngplace

Among the aural fragments and the deep shallows

By Jenn Snider At first blush, Linda Rae Dornan’s performance Calling the Cukoo exists at a crossroads of language, the body, and aurality. Standing in the center of the performing area she breathes a wheezing ...
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claude wittmann performing at Artscape Youngplace

Dispatch I from Landsgemeinde

By Alison Cooley claude wittmann has only one egalitarian action on the list which he promised to develop over the course of Radio Equals. Fittingly, the action on his list is exactly what he has ...
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Theo Pelmus performing at Artscape Youngplace

Theo Pelmus: Immaculate Abjection

By Alison Cooley The floor is littered with objects in Theo Pelmus's performance. Part installation, part stage set, the scene includes two projections on opposing walls of a small kitsch Pieta sculpture (bits of gold ...
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Terrance Houle performing at Artscape Youngplace

Terrance Houle and the Violence of Complicity

By Alison Cooley Terrance Houle beckons his audience closer, drawing a square around himself. I'll admit to having let my curiosity get the better of me ahead of time—I know he's enlisted some others to ...
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Basil AlZeri performing at Artscape Youngplace

Unruly Foodstuffs

By Alison Cooley Basil AlZeri, clad in a white dress shirt, hands neatly folded across a pristine white-clothed table, announces that his performance will be called "The Death of Performance Art." It seems absurd to ...
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Aidana María Rico Chávez performing at Artscape Youngplace

Sky is the Limit: Aidana’s Uncommon Intimacies

By Jenn Snider Aidana Maria Rico Chavez enters the room whistling a happy tune. Hands clasped behind her back, she casts her eyes across the crowd. All facing toward the center scene where a blue ...
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Kurt Johannessen performing at Artscape Youngplace

A game About Thoughts: they have knees, they move

By Jenn Snider Kurt Johannessen is at it again. This time he’s ready to play a game: a game about framing, a game about language, a game about experimentation. A game About Thoughts. “But, this ...
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