2000 =Videodrome= Body + Blood/Picture + Sound

= Videodrome = Body + Blood / Picture + Sound is the latest installment of Jubal Brown’s ongoing campaign to bring together performance art and underground dance/rave culture. Promising “experience as spectacle,” Brown’s interest is to combine the best of both worlds, providing the sensual, experiential environment and engaging atmosphere of a late-night dance party, but adding the content and unpredictability of performance art. Videodrome‘s thesis is to contrast live and mediated expression, presenting works that can be experienced ‘in the flesh’ in one room, or viewed as projected spectacle in another. For this event, a series of DJs play trance and electronic dance mixes in a party environment of multiple video projections, with live performances presented on the hour in a second room and projected onto the walls of the dance area. The performances range from gory tableaux of bodies in distress to the destruction of furniture and a late-night fire demonstration.

_badpacket_ (Mike Steventon & Michelle Kasprzak), untitled 7a*11d 2000 PHOTO courtesy of the artists

A program of the the 3rd 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
Curated by Jubal BROWN and Michelle KASPRZAK

Saturday November 4 , 2000 10 pm
Art System, 327 Spadina Ave, 2nd floor

Featuring _badpacket_ (Mike STVENTON & Michelle KASPRZAK), Jubal BROWN, Shawn JOHNSTON, MISS BARBRAFISCH, Stephen RIFE, Zoë STONYK, and Ingrid Z

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