2014 Publications Launch

Every festival, many of our participating artists arrive with a treasure trove of publications, multiples, wearables or other items that come out of or are produced alongside their performance practice. They could be hot-off-the-press items or works that are difficult to circulate outside their own communities. This year we provide a public forum for the distribution and sale of those works by hosting the “official” Toronto publication launch of these rare commodities. Come join in a lively celebration and exchange of wares, including a special performance by Kurt Johannessen; there may even be a freebie or two!

Saturday Nov 1 4 pm
Artscape Youngplace

An event of the 10th 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art

Among the works that will be featured:

lo bil | theclearingproject [print 2014]
Christian BUJOLD | The Unknown Artist (eds. Anne Bertrand & Bernard Schütze) [print 2013]
Roberto DE LA TORRE | De la mordida al camello: Selección de obra / Selected works 2000-2005 [print 2007]
Linda Rae DORNAN | It Speaks to You [print 2014]
Berenicci HERSHORN | Here [print, 2014]
Kurt JOHANNESSEN | Kurt Johannessen – works 1984-2007 [print 2007]; Performance 1998-2005, Kurt Johannessen [dvd 2007]; Exercises [print 1999/2001/2013]; Other Other exercises [print 2012]; About Thoughts [print 2013]; About the Innermost [print 2014]
Anya LIFTIG | Rejection, Almost a Decade of Ambition [artist book ongoing];Emergency Index Volume 2: 2012 (eds. Yelena Gluzman, Sophia Cleary) [print 2013]
Didier MORELLI | Brutalist Leftovers: How I Survived Conceptualism [print 2014]
Theo PELMUS | Fencing mask, mouthpiece and nose piece [wearable technology garments 2012]

Plus a selection of books from our co-presenter, FADO Performance Art Centre, including La Dragu: The Living Art of Margaret Dragu (ed. Paul Couillard) [print 2002]; From Ironic to Iconic: The Performance Work of Tanya Mars (ed. Paul Couillard) [print 2008]; Alain-Martin Richard: Performances, manœuvres et autres hypothèses de disparition / Performances, Manoeuvres and other Hypotheses for Disappearing (eds. Paul Couillard & Alexandra Liva) [print 2014]; Golden Book Series no. 1, Francesco Gagliardi / Film: Rope [print 2013]; Golden Book Series no. 2, Paul Couillard and Ed Johnson / Duorama [print set 2014]

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