Anya Liftig, Know it Well 7a*11d 2014 PHOTO Henry Chan

Know It Well
Thursday October 30 8 pm
Artscape Youngplace

I identify as a transpecies artist and I am currently in the process of transitioning from human to canine with the help of my rescue dog, Sugihara. I want to break though the boundaries of subjectivity. Each project begins with an attempt to do something that terrifies me. I use humour to explore the subconscious and I believe that performance is a form of psychological research. My artistic process has involved a constant peeling back of formality, a reversion to a more primitive version. These pieces are about the ongoing struggle to connect and the difficulty of making sense of the world.

Anya Liftig has performed at Exit Art, Grace Exhibition Space, Socrates Sculpture Park, Joyce Soho, Tate Modern, MOMA, and the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, among many others. Liftig’s work has been written about in The New York TimesBomb, the Wall Street Journal, Art Papers, ArtNews, New York Magazine, X-tra, and Hyperallergic, among others.

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Performance Art Daily - Approaching Architecture with Christian BUJOLD, Anya LIFTIG and Gary VARRO, moderated by Bojana VIDEKANIC, 7a*11d October 31 2014

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