1997 :JAWA:bot:Machines That Perform

Mechanical, robotic, electronic sculpture/installation/performance organized by members of the JAWA Collective, including artists solicited through an open call for submissions.

* JAWA is the name of several cities in Asia.
* JAWA is a Finnish motorcycle company renowned and infamous for producing obnoxious, loud, gas-guzzling motorcycles that are virtually indestructible.
* The cute and dangerous creatures of late 20th century popular myth: nomadic pirates scavenging the alien wasteland, recombining and bastardizing junk and high technologies for their own purposes.

MACHINES were created to replace people, to perform our menial tasks for us so we don’t have to. Perhaps they are extensions of our bodies? our will? or our psychopathological inertia towards oblivion? Technology was initially a tool…now technology is culture. JAWA indefatigably supports this as the natural, necessary and good evolution of humankind. Long Live the Future.

ENTROPY:  Energy or information still existing but lost for the purpose of mechanical work because it is tied up in the atomic structure of a system. The degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert disorder, absolute future. Disintegration, un-creation, the infertile diffusion of the seed, the perfect union which ends re-production. Overstimulation leads to desensitization so that more and more, faster, harder stimulus is required. “Thus his half grain of Morphia, which are first opened the Gates of Heaven, is nothing worth to the self-poisoner after a year of daily practice.” Entropy isn’t evil, entropy is natural and natural is good.

Given the notion that machines were made to carry out boring and repetitive tasks for us so we could do more important things with our valuable time, it seems very natural and appropriate that machines would replace performance artists whose tradition of being boring and repetitive has been well-documented.

The JAWA Collective is an order of art/science/magick visionaries seeking new strategies of adaptability and the critical re-modelling of the technologies with which we work.

@ 165 John St, 3rd floor (just north of Queen St W)
Friday August 1 to  Monday August 11
vernissage Wednesday August 6 8 pm
RANT Saturday August 9 11 pm

A program of the 1st 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
Curated by Jubal BROWN & Peter FLEMMING

!AMEN/Puppet Government (Istvan KANTOR)
My Ass, Your Face

Douglas BACK

Yah, It’s About Whales

Contemporary Bachelor Machine

OW!: beating myself up/technologies in conflict

Homo Fungophobic


Space Invader

The Glory of the Sun!

Victoria SCOTT

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