Homo Fungophobic
Friday August 1 to  Monday August 11
vernissage Wednesday August 6 8 pm
:JAWA:bot:Machines That Perform RANT Saturday August 9 11 pm
165 John St, 3rd floor (just north of Queen St W)

Curated by the JAWA Collective as part of :JAWA:bot:Machines That Perform

The scientist cannot afford to break the rules, while artist cannot afford not to. By personifying the mushroom I hope to bring this misunderstood life form to new attention. Although inspiring fear and disgust in most, really the role the mushroom plays is a noble one. In assuming the guise of human form, this doppelganger is given voice.

David Gifford has been an artist all his life. His work draws on a profound and direct personal experience with the living ecosystem. Coming from a background in painting and sculpture, David’s recent project is to create living sculptures, miniature ecosystems in themselves, where the raw materials are alive and growing, a unique twist on the idea of kinetic sculpture.

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