Yah, It’s About Whales
Friday August 1 to  Monday August 11
vernissage Wednesday August 6 8 pm
:JAWA:bot:Machines That Perform RANT Saturday August 9 11 pm
165 John St, 3rd floor (just north of Queen St W)

Curated by the JAWA Collective as part of :JAWA:bot:Machines That Perform

The whales act out the intersection between nature and the viewer. We no longer need real whales, we only need a symbol of the whale. If the symbol acts out the required perceived notions of the whale, then we are satisfied with the simulacra, and we can free them all, just like Free Willy.

Taku Dazai is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. He works with mechanics and taxidermy. He is currently working on a series called Animals of Canada.

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