JAWA Collective


Friday August 1 to  Monday August 11
vernissage Wednesday August 6 8 pm
:JAWA:bot:Machines That Perform RANT Saturday August 9 11 pm
165 John St, 3rd floor (just north of Queen St W)

Curated by the JAWA Collective as part of :JAWA:bot:Machines That Perform

* JAWA is the name of several cities in Asia.
* JAWA is a Finnish motorcycle company renowned and infamous for producing obnoxious, loud, gas-guzzling motorcycles that are virtually indestructible.
* The cute and dangerous creatures of late 20th century popular myth: nomadic pirates scavenging the alien wasteland, recombining and bastardizing junk and high technologies for their own purposes.

The Jawa Collective is an order of art/science/magick visionaries seeking new strategies of adaptability and the critical re-modelling of the technologies with which we work.

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