BACK, Douglas


exhibition from Friday August 1 to Monday August 11
:JAWA:bot:Machines That Perform vernissage Wednesday August 6 8 pm
:JAWA:bot:Machines That Perform RANT on Saturday August 9 11 pm
165 John St, 3rd floor (just north of Queen St W)

Curated by the JAWA Collective as part of :JAWA:bot:Machines That Perform

Amongst the chatter that follows the arrival of a new medium it is difficult to maintain the stance of an artist. First one must defend the right to use the medium at all. One must be very careful not to produce works that are wholly technological special effects (nothing ages faster than a technological special effect). One must remember that art does not start afresh with any new emerging technology. But one must use the pressures and frictions generated by a technology coming into being to italicize what you have to say. Perhaps it’s not enough to talk about the technology itself.

Douglas Back has been making electronic/computer sculptural works since 1979. He has shown these works in Austria, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Mexico, the USA and across Canada. He was a founding member of the YYZ gallery and Inter Access in Toronto.

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