2004 Infiltration Panel Discussion

7a*11d concludes the festival with a panel and roundtable discussion with participating artists, collective members and the audience. Infiltration calls up notions of covert operations and dissembling, often having to do with outsiders penetrating structures or organizations, covertly or semi-legally. Artists have often inserted themselves into situations and places where they do not belong, in order to convert the symbolic meaning of those places; but the theoretical underpinnings of these strategies deserve fuller illumination. The ideas in common with performance practices and the infiltration of internet sites and the world wide web, as well as the rising phenomenon of urban infiltration – with a proliferation of zines and ejournals offering resources for those who would explore areas not designed for public usage – provide intriguing links.

Sunday October 31 3pm

A panel discussion of the 5th 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
with Mideo M. CRUZ (Philippines), Esther FERRER (Spain/France), Glenda LEÓN (Cuba), Cheryl L’HIRONDELLE (Canada); moderated by Johanna HOUSEHOLDER.

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