Anna Banana talks at the Interventionism panel, 7a*11d 1998

1998 Interventionism (panel)

Interventionism examines the ways in which performance has entered uninvited the realms of politics and the social. The panel brings together a number of artists who have produced work which has commandeered public space and ...
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Shannon Cochrane and Keith Manship posing as me and me at .in/attendant. gallery

1997 7a*11d Performance Art Festival review

By Paul Couillard 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art August 7 - 11, 1997 In 1997, after the first 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, I wrote an article for FUSE magazine about the the ...
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Jenny Keith performing sur, blue, round at Sediment | Trinity Bellwoods Park

1997 Sediment

Toronto is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, inhabiting landscape that was once lake, marshlands and swamp. The southern downtown, built on landfill, exists where once were wetlands, an aquatic filter for the watershed ...
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Songs of the New Erotics performing The Anti-Child of Recordist Performance and a Lighted Cavern at Symptom Hall

1997 Prognosis

Prognosis uses Symptom Hall’s upstairs and downstairs main spaces as flexible, changeable environments to accommodate a wide variety of work. A total of nine pieces will presented over a three-day period, using video, film, live ...
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Yuji Sone performs The Voice of the Masked Other, 7a*11d 1997

1997 Pleasures of the Flesh: The Body in Time (panel)

This panel discussion provides a critical context for the work in the festival, focusing on why performance artists think the lessons of our bodies remain important even as many of us rush to embrace and ...
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1997 :JAWA:bot:Machines That Perform

1997 :JAWA:bot:Machines That Perform

Mechanical, robotic, electronic sculpture/installation/performance organized by members of the JAWA Collective, including artists solicited through an open call for submissions.* JAWA is the name of several cities in Asia.* JAWA is a Finnish motorcycle company ...
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Peter Conlin & Kirsten Forkert perform Spill at .in/attendant.

1997 .in/attendant.

For .in/attendant., curated and coordinated by Shannon Cochrane, a total of five artists are being chosen to present time based or duration performance works designed for a store front window. Emphasis is placed on these ...
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Frank Green performing Anonymous Test Site at Symptom Hall

1997 FIVE HOLES: Touched

FIVE HOLES: Touched is the second in a series of performances dealing with the five senses. The first part (FIVE HOLES: I’ll Be Seeing You, A Space, 1995) used the device of a peep show ...
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