A video still from Christina Mancuso's Untitled (Performance #4), a hand with purple thread sewn onto the skin, from the bottom of the wrist, along the palm to the middle finger, with arough pattern of flowers

d2d = direct to documentation 2002

d2d = direct to documentation Sunday November 3 2 pm Art System ...
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TVI intervention at the Experience as Spectacle as panel: Steve Venright tests Jubal Brown with the ontologator, 7a*11d 2000

2000 Experience as Spectacle as (panel)

It may be understood that spectacle itself is a charged word, and probably connects too directly to Debord alone, so if you want to nominate another term, please do. For our purposes spectacle is the ...
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Jessica Lertvilai mirroring Clive Robertson, Master Class 5 at Latvian Hall

2000 Master Class 5

Master Class 5 features five performance artists participating in a unique form of collaboration. Master Class 5 will investigate the role of audience/participants in the live medium of performance/action, the performance cliche, and the living ...
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2000 =Videodrome= Body + Blood/Picture + Sound

= Videodrome = Body + Blood / Picture + Sound is the latest installment of Jubal Brown’s ongoing campaign to bring together performance art and underground dance/rave culture. Promising “experience as spectacle,” Brown’s interest is ...
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Susanna Åkerlund of SU-EN Butoh Company (with music by SIX HEADS) performing Headless at Art System

2000 StrangeWays — Currents of The Fantastic in Contemporary Performance

StrangeWays is a project of the International Bureau of Recordist Investigation and forms part of our ongoing research into the surreal, absurd, fantastic, and similar currents of contemporary art and culture. This live event will ...
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James Luna performing American Indian Study's at Workman Theatre

2000 Prognosis: James LUNA

Prognosis directs focus toward work that deals with contemporary social, political and ethical issues with a view to the future. We are particularly interested in exploring notions of the “cultural hybrid.” Living and working in ...
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Lisa Deanne Smith performing Sweet at Art System

2000 Flicker, Skip, Moan …

Light, movement and sound are the focus of this series of installation-based performance works, with an emphasis on how these elements can be used in counterpoint or overlap to push the limits of their expressiveness ...
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Simon Herbert delivering his lecture "Action Art in the United Kingdom" at Some Assembly Required, 7a*11d 1998

1998 Some Assembly Required critical/curatorial talks

This program has been organized in conjunction with Le Lieu’s conference, Rencontre internationale et colloque interactif sur l’art actuel (1958-1998), taking place Tuesday October 20 to Sunday October 25 in Quebec City. In order to ...
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1998 Performances for an Orange and Violet Room

1998 Performances for an Orange and Violet Room

(in which both colours will be present) The venue Performances for an Orange and Violet Room (in which both colours will be present) came about in part because of my interest in how colour affects ...
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Iona Georgescu performing PO-PO Into the Wasteland at Front St wasteland

1998 PO-PO Wasteland

The main intent here is to create an audience participatory event, where the viewer is involved in the work and the space so much so that they are no loner passive but become active participants ...
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