Vida SImon, installation detail from Master Class 5 7a*11d 2000 VIDEO STILL

Master Class 5
Saturday November 4 5 pm
Latvian Hall, 491 College St W

Master Class 5 was a collaborative experiment in performance image-making process. Five artists ranging from emerging to well established were brought together to join in a four-hour collective exploration of the formal, aesthetic and political concerns in performance. Performers created individual solo works with the understanding that through proximity, intervention and action, the performances might begin to interweave and inform each other. Particular attention was paid to the points of interactivity among the performers and with the audience. Vida Simon established a relationship between her body and a collection of large gourds, making tracings with graphite on paper and carrying the gourds cradled in her arms in a backward motion around the room.

Terril CALDER, Will KWAN, Jessica LERTVILAI, Clive ROBERTSON & Vida SIMON, Master Class 5 7a*11d 2000 ┬ęTerril Calder, Will Kwan, Jessica Lertvilai, Clive Robertson and Vida Simon

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