1998 Some Assembly Required critical/curatorial talks

This program has been organized in conjunction with Le Lieu’s conference, Rencontre internationale et colloque interactif sur l’art actuel (1958-1998), taking place Tuesday October 20 to Sunday October 25 in Quebec City. In order to broaden the discussion about performance chronologies that will be taking place at this symposium, we are inviting several of the participants to come to Toronto to present talks on their respective areas of experience and expertise. Working mainly as curators, producers and writers in the fields of performance and contemporary art, these speakers will provides insights into what trends are developing in terms of performance art in other parts of the world.

A program of the the 2nd 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
Cosponsored by Le Lieu centre en art actuel and the Goethe-Institut Toronto
Coordinated by Paul COUILLARD

Monday October 26 7 pm
Simon HERBERT (Newcastle, UK): “Action Art in the United Kingdom”
Martha WILSON (New York City, USA): “Franklin Furnace: The Whys of Deinstitutionalization”
Goethe-Institut, 163 King St

Tuesday October 27 7 pm
Elisabeth JAPPE (Cologne, Germany): “Action Art in Germany”
Slavka SVERAKOVA (Belfast, Northern Ireland): “Performance Art in Ireland 1975-1998”
Goethe-Institut, 163 King St

Simon Herbert talk for Some Assembly Required, “Action Art in the United Kingdom” 7a*11d 1998
Martha WIlson talk for Some Assembly Required, “Franklin Furnace, The Whys of Deinstitutionalization” 7a*11d 1998
Elisabeth Jappe talk for Some Assembly Required, “Action Art in Germany” 7a*11d 1998
Slavka Sverakova talk for Some Assembly Required, “Performance Art in Ireland 1975-1998” 7a*11d 1998
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