Introducing our 2010 blog contributors

This year’s blog will feature texts by two writers—Natalie Loveless and Daniel Baird—as well as images by our festival photographer, Henry Chan.

Natalie Loveless is an artist, teacher and writer. She recently completed a PhD from the University of California, Santa Cruz, on transdiciplinarity and its implications for new models of pedagogy and socially engaged art practices. She is a visiting assistant professor in the Visual Arts Department of the University of Western Ontario and is on the editorial board of >> liminal << the journal of new performance. Natalie’s blog posts are marked (NL).

Born in Los Angeles, Daniel Baird lived and worked in New York City from 1989, where he was a founder of The Brooklyn Rail, a magazine for which he worked as an art editor, feature writer, and monthly columnist. Since moving to Toronto in 2000, he has written on the arts for numerous Canadian publications, including Canadian Art and Border Crossings. He is the former editor of The Walrus, and remains a regular contributor on topics as diverse as contemporary art and history, political theory and religion. Daniel’s blog posts are marked (DB).

Henry Chan has been documenting performance art in Toronto since 2006. This is the third edition of 7a*11d that he has photographed; he also documents work for FADO Performance Art Centre as well s events, exhibitions and performances at various contemporary art venues in the city, including the Images festival and the Power Plant contemporary art gallery. When he is not using a camera, Henry is crunching numbers and pushing paperwork as an accountant.

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