WITTSTOCK, Herma Auguste


Herma Auguste Wittstock, Six Images of Toronto 7a*11d 2006 PHOTO Henry Chan

Image of Toronto
Friday October 27 8 pm

Six Images of Toronto
Saturday October 28
8 pm

For me it is more and more interesting to play with the places in which I perform. A picture cannot explain a place, I need to stand on the street corner and smell the atmosphere. I see the people on the street and gauge their willingness to interact. Image of Toronto will be a spontaneous performance created in response to the geography and community of Toronto.

Herma Auguste Wittstock lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She is an active member of the Independent Performance Group, a collective curated by Marina Abramovic. Wittstock has presented performances at the Avignon Theatre Festival (France, 2005), PS1 (New York, 2003), the Venice Biennale (Italy, 2003) and the Museum of Modern Art (Dublin, 2001).


Herma Auguste Wittstock, Image of Toronto 7a*11d October 27, 2006 ©Herma Auguste Wittstock

Herma Auguste Wittstock, Six Images of Toronto 7a*11d October 28, 2006 ©Herma Auguste Wittstock

Herma Auguste Wittstock interviewed by Tanya Mars, Toronto 2006

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