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TouVA Collective, The 7th Sense 7a*11d 2010 PHOTO Henry Chan

The 7th Sense
Tuesday October 26 8 pm
Toronto Free Gallery

Presented by Toronto Free Gallery

Founded in the spring of 2007, the TouVA Collective is a performance art trio researching the practice of performance through multiple frameworks and approaches. In addition to conducting workshops, creating dynamic artist talks and offering coaching to artists in a variety of contexts—including international festivals—TouVA is a group of artist-researchers interested in a profound exploration of ‘the performative’. Working consistently from a model of exchange and dialogue, recent activities include a research residence at the Centre d’information Artexte in Montreal, a performative lecture at VIVA! Art Action, as well as the production of a book.

Sylvie Tourangeau is featured as an Éminence Grise in this year’s festival. Victoria Stanton is an international performance artist, video-maker, and published writer. Educated in arts and literature, Anne Bérubé works as a researcher and artist in both fields.

Natalie Loveless’s eyewitness account


TouVA Collective, The 7th Sense 7a*11d 2010 © TouVA

The Performative? Performance Art Daily October 27, 2010 at Toronto Free Gallery featuring the TouVA collective (Syvlie Tourangeau, Victoria Stanton, Anne Bérubé)

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