SMITH, Lisa Deanne & 1000km design büro


Sweet PHOTO courtesy Lisa Deanne Smith

Friday November 3
9 pm
Art System, 327 Spadina Ave, 2nd floor

Curated by Churla Burla and David O David as part of Flicker, Sip, Moan

Lisa Deanne Smith’s psychedelically sedative Sweet offered an intriguing counterpoint to the frenetic overload of Karma Clarke-Davis’s Trash. Equally attuned to questions of style and sensation, this installation offered a somatic white environment in which audience members were encouraged to ‘relax, recline and consume’ as the white-clad performer/hosts lolled in a 100 kg mountain of white sugar. Audience members were offered white piña coladas to sip as they lounged amid white carpeting, white furnishings, and white lighting fixtures.

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