John Porter, Remember Rings 7a*11d 2000 VIDEO STILL

Remember Rings
Saturday October 28
8 pm
Art System, 327 Spadina Ave, 2nd floor

Curated by Churla Burla and David O David as part of Flicker, Sip, Moan

For Remember Rings, John Porter projects panoramic landscapes and cityscapes on the walls and ceiling of a large room using a hand-held Super8 projector. Porter moves the projected image around the room in sync with his original camera work as he recounts the anecdotes and histories associated with each film. This 60-minute program featured a selection of ‘rings,’ 360-degree pans that reconstruct a number of locations (from Toronto to Buffalo NY to Sackville NB) and events (from parties to film screenings to public celebrations) related to Porter’s personal history as an artist and filmmaker.

John Porter is a Toronto-based Super8 filmmaker, performer, photographer and historian whose work includes over 250 films and 40 solo performances over the last 30 years.


John Porter, Remember Rings 7a*11d 2000

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