Silvio De Gracia, Les Daré Lo Que Quieren ( I will give them what they want) 7a*11d 2016 PHOTO Henry Chan

Les Daré Lo Que Quieren  (I will give them what they want)
Friday October 14  7:30 pm
Geary Lane

Taking an ironic sentence as a premise for this action, I explore my fragile and wild condition as a human being. I use my body in ways that border on self-aggression, trying to construct images that encourage viewers to consider their own bodies in unusual emotional states beyond the field of their everyday experience.

Silvio De Gracia is an interdisciplinary artist and independent curator. He lives and works in Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina. De Gracia has presented his performances, conferences, and public art projects in Canada, Italy, Serbia, United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal and Latin America. He is an organizer, theorist, and a researcher of performance art. In 2015, he organized PARTICIPACIÓN – Encuentro Latinoamericano de Performance in Argentina. He directs the Videoplay project, an international platform devoted to diffusion of video performance.

Michelle Lacombe’s eyewitness account

Performance Art Daily - International performance art festivals and venues II with Silvio DE GRACIA, Joseph RAVENS, and moderator Francisco-Fernando GRANADOS, 7a*11d October 20, 2106

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