CUTLER, Randy Lee


Randy Lee Cutler, SaltWalks: Two Movements 7a*11d 2016 PHOTO Henry Chan

SaltWalks: Two Movements
Saturday October 15  4 pm
High Park
(limited space; advance registration required—visit to sign up)

Sunday October 16  10:30 am
(limited space; advance registration required—visit to sign up)

Framed as an improvised walk, this performance shares stories, anecdotes and information about the ubiquitous mineral known as salt. We begin with taste tests of different kinds of salt from mass produced table salt to Himalayan rock salt and Fleur de sel from Brittany. These savoury comparisons initiate conversations where we explore the use of salt across time and different cultures. Through an engagement with salt in its many forms, this performance is a platform that literally embodies an aesthetic and philosophical enquiry into the importance of this substance to life, ritual, health, industry and the imagination.

Randy Lee Cutler is a Vancouver based artist, writer, and educator. Her practice takes up themes of sustenance and materiality through performance, video, installation and image. In the intersections of gender, art, science, and technology she investigates the emergence of new cultural forms while maintaining an experimental relationship to pedagogy, gardening and embodiment.

Jessica Karuhanga’s eyewitness account

Performance Art Daily - Walking as performance practice / Performative walks with Elizabeth CHITTY, Randy Lee CUTLER, and moderator Margaret DRAGU, 7a*11d October 16 2016

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