d2d = direct to documentation 2002

Performance art has a complex relationship with its methods of dissemination. Every festival, we choose artists on the basis of their documentation, knowing full well that the camera lies, and the direct visceral experience of performance is what it will be about. Or will it?

This year we invited artists to submit segments of documentary evidence of performance. Some of these works record fragments of longer pieces, some are works for the performer and camera alone; with others, what you see is what you get. All produce provocative and mysterious images.

The tapes in d2d will be available for individual viewing throughout the festival in our Videotheque Lounge.

d2d = direct to documentation
Sunday November 3 2 pm
Art System

A program of the 4th 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art

John G. Boehme (Canada)
Fore Mien | 5:30

Trace Gallery, Cardiff, Wales
Fore: Front preceding, up-front
Mien: Appearance, bearing

John G. Boehme incorporates a wide range of art practices — performance to painting — in his work. He was selected as an emerging artist for Seattle’s artsEdge Festival and the Ex-Teresa International Performance Festival in Mexico City, and in 1998, he was a Featured Artist at the Cleveland International. Recent exhibitions have been in Victoria, Seattle, and Montreal; Cardiff, Wales; Full Nelson IV in Los Angeles; AKA Gallery, Saskatoon and Mercer Union, Toronto.

Grady Gerbracht (USA)
Commutes (NJ Transit series) | 6:46

A series of situational performance-interventions occurring within the New Jersey Transit bus system.

Grady Gebracht was born in Manhattan where he lives and works.

Matt Hassall (Canada)
Matty Mirror (You Are So Good)

Length of original performance approximately 90 minutes

For the past three years, I have examined male behavior and specifically, heterosexual masculinity as a system within western Culture. Using myself and those around me as case studies, i research how the young male is conditioned to adopt a certain set of behavioral codes, how it can affect his social practice and how this practice can be interpreted by the social world. I have found a tension that seems to exist here: one’s social practice is at times considered natural or sometimes performative in its nature.

Irene Loughlin (Canada)
Case Study of a Woman Typical of Hysteria

Irene Loughlin is interested in the representations of mental conditions since her life over the past six years seems to have been consumed by these issues on a daily basis. She is an active member of Gachet, the only artist run center in Canada that consistently disseminates the work of artists with mental health issues. In August of 2002, she performed “She,s As Light As A Feather, She,s As Heavy As Lead” at the Klaus Steinmetz Gallery in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Christina Mancuso (USA)
Untitled (Performance #4) | 4:40

Length of original performance: 33:06
Location: Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, NJ

The realm of the domestic acts as a stage where transfiguration of the banal takes place. It is the body that moves from one state of being to another, rather than the environment.

Christof Migone (Canada)

Christof Migone was involved in community radio in Canada from 1984 to 1994. He has performed at Resonance FM (London), Nouvelles Scenes (Dijon), On The Air (Innsbruck), Quinzaine de la Voix (Montreal), Radio Canada, Ars Electronica, Experimental Intermedia, Musiques Fragiles, Gallery Oboro, Kunstradio’s Recycling The Future, He is a founding member of Avatar in Quebec City and is currently living in Brooklyn, New York. With Brandon LaBelle, he recently co-edited the book and CD Writing Aloud: The Sonics of Language.

Amanda Ross-Ho (USA)
Drum Solo

Length of Original Performance: 25 min.

Amanda Ross-Ho was born and raised in Chicago to a Chinese father and an Italian mother. After a 12 year stint as a competitive ice skater, she went on to explore several careers that would later inform years of artwork and extensive therapy. She is also the drummer for the wildly succesful rock band APOCALYPSTICK.

Jennifer Stillwell (Canada)
log toast |2:23

Date: December 2001
Place: Banff, Canada
Length of Original Performance: 1 hour

Based in Winnepeg, Stillwell’s work encompasses sculpture, installation, performance, and video. through her work she seeks to make sense of the everyday by creating precise objects and situations, yet what occurs is comic vulnerability and chaotic malfunction.

karen elaine spencer (Canada)
Karen’s Bread Shoes | 3:53

Date: 2002
Genre: unannounced performance while holding a camera.

Performance, camera and editing by karen elaine spencer with technical assistance from eye steel film.

Lezli Rubin-Kunda (Israel)
Night Shift | 7:00

May 10, 6:15 pm to May 11, 6:15 am, 2001.

Documenting a live performance that took place in the context of The 3rd Biennale of Performance Art, a 4 day international event on the grounds of Kibbutz Nachshon, a collective farming community situated halfway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, in Israel (sponsored by the Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv). Edited by Dana Levy.

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