7a*md8 Live Stream archived compliation

We are pleased to announce that an archived compilation of the 7a*md8 Live Stream event can be viewed below. Captures of individual performances can also be found on each featured artist’s information page (follow the links below).

Maryse Arseneault (NB)
Ali Asgar (Bangladesh/USA)
Ivanie Aubin-Malo (QC)
Jef Carnay (Philippines)
ee portal [Elyse & Emilio Portal] (ON)
Maggie Flynn (AB)
Romi Kim (Canada/Korea)
Russell Louder (PEI)
Freya Björg Olafson (MB)
Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara (Cuba)
Camila Salcedo (NS)
Selma Selman (Bosnia and Herzegovina/USA)
Liz Solo (NL)


Live Stream archived compilation; project made possible with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council

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