GAGLIARDI, Francesco

Francesco Gagliardi, Untitled, June Fondazione Mudima, Milano, Italy 2014 PHOTO Fabio Mantegna

Some Reconstructions
Thursday October 20  7:30 pm
Geary Lane

My work deals with memories of place, impressions of movement, translation, displacement and substitution, projection, transference and abreaction, weather conditions, cultural histories, landscape, furniture, architecture, the appearance of rooms, the incidence of light, geography, theatre, notation, repetition, permutation, attachment, repression, release, the city of Rome, parking lots, railway stations, night travel, collection, classification, superstition, manipulation, subterfuge and sleight of hand.

Francesco Gagliardi is a performance artist, writer and occasional filmmaker based in Toronto. His work has been presented internationally in venues including Issue Project Room (Brooklyn, NY); The Ontological-Hysteric Theater and The Stone (NYC); The Wulf and Pieter (Los Angeles); Esorabako (Tokyo); Fondazione Mudima (Milano); HATCH at Harbourfront Centre, Images Festival,  and FADO Performance Art Centre (Toronto).