2018 Parallel Event: Latin American Speakers Series

Elvira SANTAMARÍA talk
Tuesday October 2 7 pm

Presented by LACAP (Latin American-Canadian Art Projects) in partnership with 7a*11d.

A talk by festival artist Elvira SANTAMARÍA

Elvira Santamaría discusses her practice with moderator/translator Francisco-Fernando Granados as part of LACAP’s Latin American Speakers Series at 7a*11d 2018
VIDEO Peter Riddihough ©Latin American-Canadian Art Projects

The Latin American Speakers Series seeks to articulate and discuss issues of identity and intercultural dynamics in contemporary Latin American art that have evolved in the globalized art scene. Themes and questions of representation, international artistic-cultural interaction, power and marginality have and continue to be at the forefront of each lecture.

The Latin American Speakers Series not only contextualizes Latin American art within Canada, but has also become an opportunity to present meaningful cultural exchange at a broader scale. Internationally renowned guest speakers are paired with local artists, curators and designers as moderators who take an active role in generating critical discussion. Through lectures, audio-visual presentations, discussions, studio visits and interviews the series provides the opportunity to engage with contemporary Latin American Art. The series is curated by Tamara Toledo.

Also in the current series:

Wednesday September 26
OCAD University
Co-presented by OCAD University

Curator Cecilia Fajardo-Hill discusses her itinerant exhibition, Radical Women: Latin American Art 1960-1985, presented most recently at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.

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