October 29, 2010: Performance Art Daily: Friendly Globalism?

Performance Art Daily: Friendly Globalism?
Toronto Free Gallery | 1277 Bloor St W
Artist Talks: October 29
Roddy HUNTER, hosted by Paul COUILLARD
Presented by Toronto Free Gallery in collaboration with 7a*11d

In his lecture, “Notes Toward ‘The Eternal Network in the Era of Globalization”, guest artist Roddy Hunter thinks critically about how globalized politics have impacted—and even engendered—an understanding of the art of action. While international performance art festivals tend to be grassroots events organized by artists and tied to local conditions, this session considers to what extent such festivals homogenize cultural differences and normalize particular forms of exoticism. What lasting benefits can be gained from these temporary and nomadic encounters?

Performance Art Daily is a noon-hour artist talk show series featuring many of the festival’s visiting artists in conversation with local artists. The shows will be recorded live and archived online. This is an opportunity for local audiences to get to know the visiting artists in a relaxed setting. Find out more about the ideas behind the artists’ performances and learn about the processes and conditions for creating and presenting performance art in their own countries. The talk show format will include interviews with individual artists and a ‘foreign correspondents’ section in which artists/curators talk about the festivals and other projects they organize in their own regions. In addition, three special question period sessions (see below) will feature invited guests addressing key performance art issues in a panel format.

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