Scheduling update: Glenn Lewis

As part of his performance A Sweeping Statement, Glenn Lewis will be sweeping the streets of Toronto and picking up materials as he goes for use in the installation that will be featured in his closing performance.

Here is the schedule to follow Glenn as he sweeps his way across Toronto:

Friday, October 24, Noon – 2 pm:
Starting at corner of Shaw and Queen St W, going north on Shaw to Dundas, continuing east on Dundas to Spadina, turning south on Spadina to Queen St, and then returning along Queen back to Shaw

Sunday, October 26, Noon – 2 pm:
Starting at the corner of Queen St E and Dalhousie (one block E of Church), heading north on Dalhousie, turning west on Dundas, continuing south on Spadina, and then traveling east on Queen back to Dalhousie.

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