Artist Margaret Dragu returns for a fifth season of Verb Frau; an ongoing experiment in broadcast that consolidates many of Dragu’s personae in Verb Frau TV as feature interviewer, performer, and personality, Verb Frau, investigating contemporary performance art practice through conversations with international artists, from the new and emerging to the senior and famous.

For Season 5 VERB FRAU (aka Margaret Dragu) heads to Toronto for the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art. Like a late night talk show house, VERB FRAU presides over the desktop, where she interviews local/national/international artists about topics/notions/ideas that are important to performance art while discovering intimate details about the artists’ personal creative processes. At the end of each interview, the artist creates a 1 – 3 minute live Desktop Performance for camera and broadcast. The Desktop Performances were so popular with both festival and virtual TV public, VERB FRAU hosted an all-day all-desktop performance event for Episode 6.
eyewitness account by Jessica Karuhanga

Still from Verb Frau TV Season 5: Episode 3 with Golboo Amani
Still from Verb Frau TV Season 5: Episode 3 with Golboo Amani


Season 5: Episode 1 with Kate Barry

Season 5: Episode 2 with Bartolomé Ferrando

Season 5: Episode 3 with Golboo Amani

Season 5: Episode 4 with Chun Hua Catherine Dong

Season 5: Episode 5 with Paul Couillard

Season 5: Episode 6 with All Day All Desktop Performances

Season 5: Episode 7 with Elizabeth Chitty

Season 5: Episode 8 with Mikiki

Season 5: Episode 9 (pre)rolling and (w)rapping

Verb Frau Seasons 1 – 4 are available at

Verb Frau TV is a series by Margaret Dragu
Technical Assistance and Camera: Golboo Amani
Second Camera: Manolo Lugo, Sarah Sheard
Editing: Moira Simpson, Sarah Sheard, Jade Chen, Margaret Dragu

Logo: Dragu Worker International Logo: Video Out Logo: Vivo Media Arts Centre

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