VERB FRAU *dead* live streams

Did you miss an episode of the live-streamed VERB FRAU TV, Season 5? Can’t wait for the high-quality faster-paced, edited-for-prime-time version to be published? It’s OK, you’re in luck! Here is the link to those “dead” livestreams, like virtually being there all over again: (Ep. 1 w/Kate Barry; preroll ends approx. 23 minutes in) (Ep. 2 w/Bartolomé Ferrando; preroll ends approx. 17 minutes in) (Ep. 3 w/Golboo Amani; preroll ends approx. 26 minutes in) 4 w/Catherine Dong; preroll ends approx. 21 minutes in) (Ep. 5 w/Paul Couillard; preroll ends approx. 28 minutes in) (Ep. 6 Desktop performances w/Adam Herst, Paul Couillard, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Leena Raudvee, Johanna Householder, and Berenicci Hershorn; preroll ends approx. 17 minutes in) (Ep. 7 w/Elizabeth Chitty; preroll ends approx. 21 minutes in) (Ep. 8 w/Mikiki; preroll ends approx. 27 minutes in) (Ep. 9 w/Jessica Karuhanga & Michelle Lacombe; preroll ends approx. 3 minutes in)

What you’ll see: pre-roll (from the time we posted the link for the day’s stream until 4 pm) = assorted clips along with background talk and set-up (definitely for the process-oriented). Preroll times have been indicated above for those who want to skip that part, and go straight to the “official” live broadcast.

Margaret offers the following disclaimer:

This is a (dead) live-stream document

poor quality
but some of us like that real time durational thing

If that doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, then the edited and faster paced TV series of season 5 7a*11d will be coming SOON, once Margaret leaves festival life and catches up with her real life back in Vancouver…

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