Covid Protocols for 2022 Festival

Covid protocols The ways in which we feel it is ‘safe enough’ to gather have been in constant flux over these past two and half years. There’s still no one consensus on the best practices to balance our human need to come together and the very real risks of infection. For this festival, we are following the blanket rules currently in place at our venue, the Theatre Centre. These could and probably will change based on circumstances at the time of the festival. Currently, audience protocols include the following:
  • Anyone planning to attend an indoor event will be expected to show their vaccine passport and provide contact tracing information
  • All audience members will be required to wear masks unless they are in the cafĂ© actively eating and/or drinking
  • Event attendance is currently capped at 50% capacity
Full details of the theatre’s policy can be found on their website here. For outdoor events, audience members are encouraged to follow masking and social distance practices.
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