Bojana Videkanic, Skin 7a*11d 2010 PHOTO Henry Chan

Sunday October 24 4 pm
Mercer Union

This work is a performative installation which addresses the porous and unstable membrane of the skin. Providing both protection and making us vulnerable to outside influences, the skin exists as an inside/outside border and an extension of ourselves (physical, psychological, social.) It is both intimate and public, it encircles and creates our identity and uncovers our profound thoughts and feelings.

Bojana Videkanic was born in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia where she studied fine art, continuing at Concordia University (Montréal) after immigrating to Canada as a refugee. Bojana is a practicing artist, theorist, and educator. She has participated in Nuit Blanche, The Leona Drive Project, and FADO’s Emerging Artist Series. She teaches art history and studio art.

Daniel Baird’s eyewitness account

Bojana Videkanic, Skin 7a*11d 2010

Performance Art Daily October 30, 2010 at Toronto Free Gallery feautring Pancho López, Francis O'Shaughnessy & Sara Létourneau, Martine Viale, moderator Bojana Videkanic

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