TREMBLAY, Joce & Naty


Joce & Naty Tremblay, Pre-Ovum #8: Cyborg Single 7a*11d 2010 PHOTO Henry Chan

Pre-Ovum #8: Cyborg Single
Thursday October 21 8 pm
Mercer Union

The Pre-Ovum Split series (2000 – 2010) is a collaboration that explores conceptual notions of ‘twinness’, referencing experiences of dual, identical subject-hood. Despite the urge for connectivity, we are separated. We explore and deconstruct social perceptions of our individual and collective identities—often imposed constructs of competitive binary oppositions and institutionalized policing of the ‘norm’ which denigrates otherness and disregards context.

Joce’s and Naty’s early interests in performance and body politics have led to forays into athletics, experimental theater, political activism, sonic art and physical and spiritual body-work. Their solo and individual work (sometimes distinguishable through the use of alter egos – Nasty Nat and Cybaubergine) has been exhibited extensively in Toronto and internationally.

Natalie Loveless’s eyewitness account

Joce & Naty Tremblay, Pre-Ovum #8: Cyborg Single 7a*11d 2010

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