COTTON, Sylvie


Sylvie Cotton and participants, Interdependance 7a*11d 2012 PHOTO Henry Chan

Friday October 26 4:00 pm
Toronto Free Gallery

Sylvie Cotton’s art action projects are spare and direct in form. Her project, LIFE IS NOW, presents conditions founded on encounter, exchange and revelation. The performance draws on the private sphere, the biographical and intangible material. She describes this process-based practice as an ethics of cordiality that results in the aesthetics of union. The work urges viewers to contemplate the fact that the present moment and the presence of others constitutes the only “reality” we have.

Sylvie Cotton is an interdisciplinary artist from Quebec. Active since 1997, her work combines performance, drawing, photography, objects and writing. In her performances, she uses two kinds of approaches: self-referential inscription and interactive action leading to relationships with others. Her work can be found in public and private settings, and its results are presented in venues including galleries and festivals. She has presented her art extensively around the world in places including the United States, Finland, Germany, Estonia, Italy, Spain and Japan.

Christine Korte’s eyewitness account
Sylvie Ferré compte témoin

Sylvie Cotton, INTERDEPDENDANCE 7a*11d 2012 © Sylvie Cotton

Performance Art Daily: The Cutting Edge with Syvlie COTTON, Nyan Lin HTET, Anna KALWAJTYS, and moderator Istvan KANTOR, 7a*11d October 27, 2012

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