Pam Patterson, Body as Site/Sight 7a*11 2004 PHOTO Shannon Cochrane

Body as Site/Sight
Wednesday October 20 8pm
A Space Gallery

Body as Site/Sight seeks to critically interrogate the female (as) in sight and site and present creative strategies for being and viewing. The art historical canon and the art museum which enacts it, act as backdrops to provide the containing frame. The work uses text, projected images, recorded sound and performing artist to disrupt this paradigm. “How can I become subject, control my identity, be free enough from the constraints of traditions of female representation in art and in art institutions to create new associations? I playfully enter the space of the female imaginary and interrogate the sites/sights, which I find. My roles as educator and artist are central to the project.”

Pam Patterson, Ph.D., has for 25 years, been active in both the art and movement communities. Her research has focused on embodiment in art practice, and the body in art and feminist art education. She has published in journals such as, Studies in Education, Resources for Feminist Research, Matriart: A Canadian Feminist Art Journal, and Fuse. In 2003, she chaired a session at the UAAC (University Art Association Conference) titled “Women in Performance: Praxis and Pedagogy”.

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Pam Patterson, Body as Site/Sight 7a*11 2004

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