HTET, Nyan Lin


Nyan Lin Htet, untitled 7a*11d 2012 PHOTO Henry Chan

Saturday October 27 8 pm
Mercer Union – A Centre for Contemporary Art

My work deals with the self and the interaction of subjects within a social structure. Human conditions and activities in different sociopolitical realities are portrayed, analyzed and critiqued through the use of performance. The medium becomes a form of direct and confrontational communication between the artist playing the role of provocative medium, and the public, in the hope of developing further questions concerning existential, social and political issues. My work also questions the role of the artist, the definition of art within society, and the boundaries of expression. As a Burmese artist, I strive towards an insightful understanding of local and international contexts and the ways in which these define my identity both locally and globally (i.e. the state of being caught between a repressive society under the military regime in Burma, and the rapidly-changing world outside Burma) as I try to define it on my own terms.

Nyan Lin Htet was born in Burma/Myanmar in 1981. His work has been presented in Burma, Canada, France, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Thailand.

Randy Gledhill’s eyewitness account
Sylvie Ferré compte témoin

Performance Art Daily: The Cutting Edge with Syvlie COTTON, Nyan Lin HTET, Anna KALWAJTYS, and moderator Istvan KANTOR, 7a*11d October 27, 2012

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