MEYER, Helge


Helge Meyer, Pneumatic Vision: Cut FADO/7a*11d 2010 PHOTO Henry Chan

Pneumatic Vision: Cut
Thursday October 21 8 pm
Mercer Union

Presented by FADO Performance Art Centre

Every breath has its own quality. Once you breathe in, there is no chance to control what is going inside your body. If you transform the idea of breathing into a question about the content of philosophical values, is it the same? Once you have ‘inhaled’ an idea, is there no chance of re-questioning the content? Is religion a drug? Do we still need to know about sins? What is a sin? Maybe the answer is to be found if the black water is inhaled… This performance deals with the idea of breathing as a visible sign of being alive.

Helge Meyer’s solo, duo and collaborative performance art work has been presented in Europe, Asia, Canada, South America, Australia and the USA. He is one half of System HM2T with Marco Teubner and has performed with Black Market International since 2000. In 2008 he completed his PhD in Art Science/Art History from the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart.

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Performance Art Daily October 22, 2010 at Toronto Free Gallery featuring Jeffery Byrd, Helge Meyer, and Gwendoline Robin moderator Berenicci Hershorn

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