Nahed Mansour

Darkening Cells
Saturday October 21 2 pm
Toronto Free Gallery

Darkening Cells is a process-oriented work that relates the power structures inherent in the prison industrial complex to those of race and colonization. The work entails the artist soaking envelopes in coffee and arranging them on a window in a specific manner. Although most manual labour requires routine, the monotony of these actions, the restriction imposed on the artist’s movement, and the implicit division between performer and observer characteristically emulates labour executed by immigrants, prisoners and other exploited groups.

Nahed Mansour’s artworks often reference the concerns of immigrant communities living in the diaspora. Although she is most attracted to performance art, Mansour employs a variety of media to produce opinionated race-related works. She will be curating Fado’s 2007 Emerging Artist Series.

Nahed Mansour, Darkening Cells 7a*11d ©Nahed Mansour 2006

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